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Creation in process

16 september 2021                             BAFF! international Festival Basel                                     PREMIERE SWITZERLAND

              februar 2022     IMAGINALE international figurentheaterfestival Stuttgart      PREMIERE GERMANY

                march 2022      GIBOULEES - Biennale Corps - Objets - Images  Strasburg         PREMIERE FRANCE

© Rainer Hertwig

Actuality mai - july 2021

            12 mai     The ceremony of weight - Erlangen - online Try Out

        21-24 mai     WAX-en - Noctural Unrest Festival - online / subtitle french-german-english-spanish

        16-18 juin     Les narrations du futur - CDN TJP Grande scène et Maillon - Strasbourg / canceled for health reason

      juin - juillet     Residency RESONNANCIAS desert Atacama Chili - Goethe Institut / Institut français Chili / postponed

             24 juin     Intervention in Laurette Burgholzer´s seminar "Theater der Dinge" - Freie Universität Berlin

Actuality august - october 2021

  16 septembre    The ceremony of weight - BAFF! International Festival - PREMIERE

  18 septembre    The ceremony of weight - FRITZ WORTELMAN PRICE Bochum

    9-12 octobre    Bivouac de l´impromptu - Introduction to compagnonship starting from 2022 in the Vélo Théâtre - Scène conventionnée Apt

  18-22 octobre    Seminar around The ceremony of weight - HMDK Stuttgart


© Julika Mayer

Rafi Martin evolves in the field of performing arts, as a contemporary puppeteer formed to anthropology-sociology. He develops an artistic practice that combines the animation of materia with a methodology of field investigation, and explores questions of the human sciences by seeking experimental aesthetic forms. Themes of gender, migration, administration, reappropriation of bodies and identities (/NOT/ in my name, WAX-en, Des corps et des coups) are particularly present in his work, and from 2021 onwards research into the philosophy of science and inter-species relations (Astroblèmes) is added.
Based between Germany and France, his collaborations and work are developing and performing in different venues and festivals in Germany, France and internationally.

Europe: Erlangen, IMAGINALE Stuttgart, Theater der Dinge Berlin, GFP Festival Munich, Fidena Bochum, Giboulées Biennale Corps-Objets-Images CDN TJP Strasbourg, BAFF! Festival Basel

Latin America: National Theatre of El Salvador, French Institute of El Salvador, Cultural Centre of Spain in Guatemala, Nomada Festival. Plans a residency in Chile thanks to the French Institute and the Chilean Goethe Institute, and a tour in Mexico thanks to the Goethe Institute and the Mexican IFAL.

The Franco-German co-production fund for the performing arts TRANSFABRIK is supporting his next two creations (The weight ceremony and Astroblèmes).
On tour, his work is supported by the Goethe Institute and AVIAMA.
The short form /NOT/ in my name is the winner of the second Giesing Culture Prize 2018 in Munich.


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