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Désert d´Atacama © Rafi Martin



enter in resonance

with geological worlds

creation 2023 IMAGINALE Festival Stuttgart

Actualities may - september 2022

                2-6 may                   RESONANCIAS Workshop School Jean Rostand Doullens (30 hours)                       France

                may - september    Artist studio at Künstler Haus Stuttgart                                                                        Germany

               14-17 juni                 Reprise Quelque Chose s´Attendrit (Renaud Herbin - CDN TJP Strasbourg)           France

                25 juni                     Try Out RESONANCIAS FITZ! Stuttgart Science Festival                                           Germany

                4 september           LANDS (Elise Vigneron - Cie l´Entrouvert) GFP Munich                                              France

                23-24 september    Quelque Chose s´Attendrit (Renaud Herbin - CDN TJP) Erfurt                                 Germany

                26-27 september    Quelque Chose s´Attendrit (Renaud Herbin - CDN TJP) Ljubjana                            Slovenia                         

In co-"companionage" from 2022 at the Centre National de la Marionnette Le Tas de Sable Ches Panses Vertes and the Vélo Théâtre - Scène Conventionnée pour le croisement des Arts et Sciencesir de 2022

Désert d´Atacama © Julika Mayer

Rafi Martin evolves in the field of the performing arts, as a contemporary puppeteer and anthropologist-sociologist by training. He develops an artistic practice which crosses the animation of the material with a methodology of field investigation, and explores questions of human sciences by seeking in an experimental way of the aesthetic forms. The themes of gender, migration, administration, reappropriation of bodies and identities (/NOT/ in my name, WAX-en, Des corps et des coups) are particularly present in his work, and from 2021 onwards, research into the philosophy of science and inter-species relations (RESONANCIAS) is added. He collaborates in a privileged way with Julika Mayer and Joachim Fleischer, and has worked with Elise Vigneron, Coco Fusco, Pierre Meunier and Marguerite Bordat, Michael Cros, Renaud Herbin.


Very attached to the Franco-German dynamics and based between these two countries, his creations are developed, produced and diffused within Franco-German institutions (TRANSFABRIK co-production fund, Goethe Institute Mexico and Chile, French Institute of El Salvador) in Germany, in France and internationally (AVIAMA grant).

Europe: Erlangen, IMAGINALE Stuttgart, Theater der Dinge Berlin, GFP Festival Munich, Fidena Bochum, Giboulées Biennale Corps-Objets-Images CDN TJP Strasbourg, BAFF! Festival Basel

Latin America: National Theater of El Salvador, French Institute of El Salvador, Cultural Center of Spain in Guatemala, Nomada Festival, residency in Chile thanks to the French Institute and the Chilean Goethe Institute, tour in Mexico thanks to the Goethe Institute and the Mexican IFAL.


Rafi Martin teaches as a guest lecturer at the University of Strasbourg, the Hochschule der Künste Hochschule der Künste Hochschulen (HMDK) in Stuttgart in the department of contemporary puppetry, and gives workshops in National Theatres (Mainz), international festivals (GFP München) and centers affiliated with the Goethe Institute (Guadalajara, Mexico).


His short form /NOT/ in my name is winner of the second Giesing Culture Prize 2018 in Munich.

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